Hyperspectral Imaging

Spectrum Photonics is a technology leader in the area of hyperspectral imaging. By definition, hyperspectral data is three-dimensional, providing a plethora of data for real-time detection and identification as well as post-acquisition analysis.  The unique capabilities enabled by hyperspectral imaging sensors have demonstrated the ability to provide remote and standoff sensing for chemical and explosives detection. Reliable standoff and remote sensors enable researchers, analysts, and first responders to do their job effectively and more safely.

Ultra Compact Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

The speed at which hyperspectral imaging data can be generated is highly dependent upon software and processing power. In partnership with the University of Hawaii, Spectrum Photonics has innovated a new type of spatial Fourier Transform Spectrometry – Ultra-Compact Hyperspectral Imaging Systems (UCHIS) – that replace bulky interferometers with a novel thin disk configuration. UCHIS provides the modulation necessary to produce the spectral interference pattern in a highly compact HSI system that has a ten-fold factor of improvement in portability and affordability compared to other systems with similar performance capabilities.

IMG_9587shopped HSI-handheld

Hyperspectral Imaging Technologies

  • Sagnac Interferometry
  • Fourier Transform Spectral Imaging
  • LWIR Hyperspectral Imaging
  • Pushbroom Interferometry


  • Plume detection and identification
  • Disturbed earth detection
  • Camouflage defeat
  • CWA and HME material detection and identification
  • Fingerprint Testing
  • Chemical spill/leak detection and identification
  • Gas leak detection
  • Emergency response
  • Mineralogy
  • Geology
  • Precision farming