Spectrum Photonics was co-founded in 2008 by Dr. Edward Knobbe and Dr. Paul Lucey.  Together, they have compiled a team of leading scientists and engineers to develop and commercialize compact, lightweight spectral imaging sensors for remote and standoff chemical detection and identification.

CEO and President, Dr. Edward Knobbe

Dr. Edward Knobbe serves as President and CEO for Spectrum Photonics, a company he founded. He has a long and distinguished career focused on developing advanced technologies for commercialization.  Most recently, Dr. Knobbe organized and led the Advanced Concepts Group at ICx Technologies up to and through its acquisition by FLIR Systems. Prior to ICx, he served as Vice President for Research at Nomadics, one of the key companies acquired in the ICx merger. At Nomadics, Dr. Knobbe acted as principal investigator for a variety of sensor and technology development programs among his other duties. Prior to Nomadics, Dr. Knobbe was a faculty member at Oklahoma State University where he maintained appointments in the Department of Chemistry and the University Center for Laser Research and became the Founding Director of the OSU College of Arts and Sciences Center for Sensor Technologies. While serving as a professor, Dr. Knobbe also worked as a visiting scientist at Wright-Patterson AFB, Tinker AFB, and Patuxent River Naval Station. Dr. Knobbe received his Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Chief Scientist, Dr. Paul Lucey

Dr. Paul Lucey serves as Chief Scientist at Spectrum Photonics and is a professor at the University of Hawaii. Dr. Lucey’s academic research is focused on the optical engineering of spectral systems and the space-science applications of multi-spectral imaging.  He has been the principal investigator of numerous programs developing imaging spectrometers for the DoD and NASA. Dr. Lucey is the editor of the Journal of Geophysical Research and has produced more than 100 publications in the area of hyperspectral imaging and remote sensing technologies. He is the co-inventor of three patents, including the IP for Sagnac interferometer-based long wave infrared (LWIR) hyperspectral imaging technology for which Spectrum Photonics holds the exclusive license.